Family Law, Children Law and Fundamental Rights

The principal areas of expertise of the Firm are Family Law, Children Law and the protection of fundamental rights. 

The Firm handles complex problems concerning the protection of individuals, families, vulnerable people. It also deals with the financial aspects of the relations between married couples, people in civil unions and couples in more uxorio cohabitations. The Firm assists its clients in all stages and instances of judicial proceedings. However, a special effort is always made in order to find shared solutions and mediations, with the aim of avoiding, where possible, the necessity of judicial proceedings.

The Firm has developed interdisciplinary competences, thanks to Grazia Cesaro’s specialization in clinical criminology and her work as Teaching Assistant in legal psychology. All the lawyers of the Firm, who assist children in civil and criminal judicial proceedings, have acquired a great experience in the field of children law. They are recognized as estimated and trustworthy professionals in the field of national and international juvenile law. Grazia Cesaro is regularly appointed by the Courts as a special guardian ad litem for children. 

The Firm provides for legal assistance, in particular, in the following procedures: 

Family law

  • Separation of spouses (both consensual and contentious)
  • Divorce proceedings (both consensual and contentious)
  • Annulment of the civil effects of marriages
  • Modification of the conditions of separation or divorce
  • Proceedings concerning parental responsibility over children born outside of marriage
  • Alternative dispute resolution procedures in family law matters 
  • Maintenance of children over the age of 18
  • Termination and nullity of same-sex civil unions
  • All kind of proceedings concerning the status of filiation, such as the recognition and disavowal of paternity and maternity
  • Protection orders in civil law matters 
  • Property regime of married couples, partnerships and same-sex civil unions
  • Planning of the family’s financial structure (also concerning inheritance matters)
  • Drafting of cohabitation agreements
  • Compensation for intra-familiar damages

Children and juvenile law

  • Limitation and revocation of parental responsibilities 
  • Adoptability proceedings
  • National adoptions, inter-country adoptions, adoptions in particular cases (art. 44 Italian Law on adoption), stepchild adoption
  • Custody and foster care of children, also within the family 
  • Protections of the relations between grandchildren and grandparents and between children and other relatives 
  • Defence of children involved indicted in criminal proceedings 
  • Defence of children involved as victims of a crime in criminal proceedings
  • Issuance and revocation of documents for children’s international travel 
  • Administrative proceedings for children before the Juvenile Courts 

Fundamental rights

  • Guardianship for elderly or disabled people
  • Interdiction and inhabitation
  • Rectification of sex attribution
  • Protection of children’s personal data and privacy 
  • Administrative request for rectification or modification of biographical data