International Family Law

International family law has been a part of the Firm’s traditional areas of professional expertise for more than fifteen years.

The Firm can offer a highly specialised professional advice and assistance in judicial and out-of-court proceeding, concerning cross-border family controversies. It advises both Italian and foreign clients, residing in Italy or abroad.

It cooperates with the association “ManagerItalia” to the project “World Wide Manager”, for the sector “Country you go… family rules you will find”.

Its well established international experience has enabled the constitution of an excellent network of international lawyers, jurists and experts amongst the most qualified.

Working languages: English, French and Spanish.

Main areas: 

  • Separations, divorces and proceedings concerning the exercise of parental responsibilities for unmarried couples, when these proceedings are characterized by a cross-border or international element 
  • Legal advice before and after cross-border relocations of families and children, and legal assistance in front of the Courts in all judicial proceedings concerning international relocations
  • Protection of the parent’s visitation rights if children are residing in another Country 
  • Active and passive international child abduction cases (illicit transferral of children abroad, or from abroad to Italy). The assistance also covers the prevention of the international child abduction and the subsequent enforcement of the repatriation order.
  • Cross-border relocation and custody of children
  • Recognition in Italy of family statuses acquired or formed abroad, even in the most complex situations, such as adoption by a single person, paternity and maternity of children born with medically assisted procreation, stepchild adoption, same-sex parenthood 
  • International adoption for Italian or foreign nationals, residing in Italy or abroad
  • Recognition and enforcement of cross-border maintenance obligations and related claims
  • Registration and transcription, in Italy, of same-sex civil unions or marriages celebrated abroad
  • Financial claims and rights arising from the marriage or the civil union and their protection in all cases of relocation abroad (or from abroad to Italy)
  • International inheritances
  • Assistance for the protection of fundamental rights in front of the European Court of Human Rights