The Firm


Grazia Ofelia Cesaro, who graduated cum laude like all the other members of the Firm, founded Cesaro Law Firm in 1996, with its seat in Milan.

The Firms deals with the specific sectors of Family Law, Children Law, both national and international. In these fields, the Firm has a high level of specialisation and experience.

In these areas, the Firm has been, for more than twenty-five years, a point of reference for national and international clients, thanks to its high-level competence and the excellent legal knowledge of all its professionals.

Fairness, discretion and transparency in the relation with the client are the Firm’s core values.

The Firm can provide a personalised assistance oriented towards finding the best legal solutions to the various problems of its clients. It favours, whenever possible, agreements and shared resolutions of family conflicts.

Cesaro Law Firm operates in Milan, but also all over Italy and abroad, as it can rely on a structured international network of lawyers and jurists from many different jurisdictions. It also works with the most qualified experts (amongst whom, for example, family mediators, psychologists, neuropsychiatrists, notaries, certified accountants). The Firm also deals with the protection of fundamental rights of its clients in front of the European Court of Human Rights.

Grazia Cesaro has been a teacher for many years and she has been a lecturer in over 200 events, between professional training courses and conferences, in Italy and abroad (London, Paris, Madrid, Cracow, Tunis, Belfast and others). She authored over 40 papers, between specialised publications and articles.

Each lawyer of the Firm is able to provide clients with the legal solution that is the most effective for the protection of their rights and interests. At the same time, the Firm’s lawyers always guarantee the highest respect for the rights of children and vulnerable people involved in family controversies.

Facing the challenges of the modern age with experience and determination, the Firm is able to offer a solution even for highly complex cases, to the point of obtaining, on many occasions, important and innovative Court decisions, true leading cases.